9 Steps for Attracting Business with Promotional Products!

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Promotional products have a better return on investment than almost any other marketing medium. That’s because they are useful, memorable, informative, and highly effective. Want to get great results with your next promotion? Follow these 9 steps. 

  1. Know your purpose. Every promotion needs a purpose. Do you want to create awareness of your company, encourage visitors to try your product, get your prospects to take an action or all of the above? Decide why you’re doing the promotion and the result you want ahead of time.
  2. Know your target audience. Consider the demographics and psychographics of the people you are targeting such as: age range, gender, location, income level, hobbies, interests, etc. This will help determine the item you pick.
  3. Make it useful. Know where the recipient is most likely to be when they use the promotional item?  Will they be sitting at their computer, in their kitchen, in their car, outdoors, etc.? This will help determine the item you pick.
  4. Include a benefit or call to action. Consider including a strong benefit statement along with your logo and contact information and, whenever possible, a call to action. Benefit statements and a call to action can improve the results of your promotion dramatically.
  5. Use your brand elements and colors. Your company colors, tag line, or promotional theme should be consistent in all your marketing materials.
  6. Choose a quality item. The item you choose will leave a lasting impression. It’s better to spend a little more and purchase fewer items than to give out cheap, useless items that won’t be appreciated.
  7. Have a distribution plan. As with everything else, presentation is important. Will you mail or send it through a delivery service? Will you want custom packaging?
  8. Leave time for planning. The most effective promotions take time to plan. Leave time for proofs, samples, and shipping. Although many items are available for quick turn-around, it’s best to start thinking a few months ahead.
  9. Work with an experienced consultant. An experienced promotional marketing consultant can provide you with fresh ideas, unique product suggestions, and marketing help that you won’t find anywhere else. They can also ensure product safety, quality, and timely delivery… and most importantly the results you want!


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