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Did you know: Lawn games (lawn bowling) dates back to the Middle Ages period in England. Many local forms of round ball throwing and rolling games, such as bocce in Italy and bowls in England became popular by the Renaissance. It has been suggested that a game similar to bowls was played around 5,000 BC in Ancient Egypt, based upon items found in ancient Egyptian tombs. (taken from Wikipedia)

There are lots of different lawn and backyard games nowadays. Here are 5 of the top ones:

  1. Bocce Ball
  2. Ladder Golf
  3. Badminton
  4. Cornhole
  5. Giant Jenga



And speaking of lists, want to make a lasting impression but not sure what items are most popular.

ASI Research has found that the top 10 searches on ESP last month didn’t include PPE that had dominated for more than a year. Now, we’re seeing the comeback of perennial favorites like pens, mugs, water bottles, totes and tumblers. Compared to May 2020, searches were up 33% for pens and 112% for water bottles.

May 2021’s Top 10:
Pens, Water Bottle, Mugs Beach Towel, Tote Bags, Koozie, Tumbler, Sunglasses, Lanyards, Backpack


There’s a large variety, styles and name brands available for each of these items. I’m here to help you with your branding and promotional outreach.

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