The Company Store Experience

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So you have brand guidelines in place. You have a policy for purchasing branded merchandise. And you have each department ordering their own items at minimum quantities with a higher price point, set up costs, their own choice of colours and designs … it’s all great!

What if I told you you could get a larger selection of items, cost savings, and lower minimum order quantities on some items?  Sounds too good to be true … no it’s not! There are more benefits as well:

  • Pre-approve and manage product selection.
  • Always have the most accurate branding standards represented.
  • Save money by using one vendor – a one-stop shop.
  • No need to have large inventory on-hand.

And, most importantly, engage your employees, clients and customers by sharing featured items and allowing them to purchase directly online.

Here’s a little sample for you – CLICK HERE – and select a free gift. Fill out all the details and I’ll mail it off to you. You’ll see how simple and easy it would be for your employees, customers, fans, followers, to order your branded merchandise.  ORDER NOW.  Watch this video about Company Stores.

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